Unit 2 – Position Skill Builders – Lesson One

These exercises help develop the skills needed to play comfortably in positions:

1. Learn to move the hand from one position to another.

2. Teach your fingers to feel the smaller spacing between frets higher on the fingerboard.

3. Learn to read notes above B on the E string.

4. Learn to read scale passages across the strings in position.

5. Learn to recognize intervals that need to be played in position.

6. Learn to recognize clusters of notes that lie well in position.


Shift Alarms 1A (MIDI)    (PDF)   Great for developing skills 1 and 5.

Scale Exercise in 3rd Position (MIDI)    (PDF)   For skills 2, 3 and 4.

3-note Scales in 3rd Position (MIDI)    (PDF)   For skills 1, 2 and 6.