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  The 15th Annual

American Mandolin & Guitar Summer School

June 19 - June 25, 2000

Roger Williams University

Bristol, Rhode Island


The American Mandolin & Guitar Summer School (AMGuSS) arrives at the millenium with 15 years of experience. Come join us for our year 2000 session. The school was founded by Marilynn Mair and Mark Davis, known internationally for their performances as the Mair-Davis Duo, and every year, for this week only, they bring their skills as teachers and performers to aspiring players.

Join dozens of mandolin and guitar players from across the country for a week of non-stop music. Revel in being a part of the incomparable sound of the 50+ member American Mandolin & Guitar Orchestra. Work out those technique problems that stand between you and your potential as a player with master teachers. Unlock the secrets of tonal nuance and musical expression, with the coaching of world-renowned concert artists. Be inspired by the potential of the mandolin and guitar in concert performances by some of the greatest players in the world today.

Past guest artists at AMGuSS have included Barry Mitterhof, Yasuo Kuwahara, Evan Marshall, Gertrud & Michael Troester, Stephen Funk Pearson, Neil Gladd, and Masayuki Kawaguchi; chamber ensembles such as the AMGuSS Faculty Quartet, Duozona, Handcrafted Swing, SAM, the Aurora Duo, Sullivan & Muratore, and, of course, the Mair-Davis Duo. The Providence Mandolin Orchestra, under the direction of Mark Davis, is the "house band," and opens the concert series every year.

AMGuSS plunges students (from age 14-80) into a world of musical activity generally only experienced by players at the highest levels. Whether you are a shaky beginner or a budding professional, you will find colleagues at AMGuSS, fellow musicians and friends for life.

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