MIDI Files for December 2005 Ensemble Pieces

This page has links to printable and playable files for the ensemble. Use the PDF files to print out a score and the midi file to listen to what the music sounds like.

Follow this link to vanBasco's Karaoke midi player that let's you change the speed of the midi and separate your part from the whole ensemble. A very cool tool and it's free



Star in the East

Wondrous Love 1
Wondrous Love 1 Score printable (PDF)

Wondrous Love 2
Wondrous Love 2 Score printable (PDF)

Wondrous Love Fantasia
Wondrous Love Fantasia Score printable (PDF)


Nutcracker Suite

March of the WoodenSoldiers
Dance Russe Trepak


Telemann1&2.mid     Telemann1&2. SLOW
Telemann3.mid         Telemann3. SLOW
Telemann4.mid         Telemann4 SLOW

Erev Shel Shoshanim

A la Nanita Nana
My Dancing Day
Star in the East
Once in Royal David's City
Angels We Have Heard

Galloping on the Great Wall


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