Contemporary North American Repertoire
On A Recent European Tour
part 3

Next, on to Luxembourg city by bus for a luxurious three-day stay at the lovely Hotel Parc Belle-Vue, overlooking the city's famous spires and postcard-perfect bridge. Here we held a most interesting series of rehearsals - following an idea I picked up from Oliver Kalberer we rehearsed in a circle formation with no one sitting next to a member of their own section. The results were remarkable! People told me that they had never before heard all the parts of the pieces we wroked on. I felt this technique was quite effective at breaking up the typical isolation one gets within each section. Each player can feel like one equally-contributing part of the whole. It was a very pleasant and efficacious approach to rehearsing, and one which the PMO will use often in the future.

Our concert in Luxembourg, arranged through the American Embassy there, took place in the bandstand at the center of the Place d'Armes (click to view the concert program). In Parisian style, the Place is surrounded on three sides by lovely cafes, guaranteeing a built-in audience for the many groups that perform there during the summer. To deal with the challenges of playing in 'plein air,' we set up in a tight horse-shoe formation, everyone listened very hard, and I feel that we gave a most successful performance. The 'charge d'affaires' came down from the Embassy to thank us for our performance - we were the first mandolin orchestra she had ever heard!

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