The Frog Prince Mini-Opera

The Frog Prince

music by Owen Hartford, libretto by Betsey Hartford
For mandolin orchestra, soprano, tenor, bass, and child narrator. This 25-minute 'mini-opera' recounts the familiar Grimms Brother fairy tale in its original setting. The delightful music and characterizations make this a great family event to be appreciated by audiences of all ages.

Comments from Gordon concertgoers:

"I enjoyed the presentation of the instruments and the musical numbers as much as the show
(Frog Prince) itself" - parent Deb Cusack

"I liked it when the frog sang "Snuggle up, snuggle up, snuggle up" - Gabe Wolbarsht

"The king was very stern with the princess. You could hear it in his voice" - Rebecca

"It was the perfect show for everyone. My whole family loved it! Thanks" - Dorothy Spellman DeStefano

"The PMO brought on of the best concerts available in this area to Gordon on January 30. Our families were enthralled by the sound, the obvious enjoyment the entire company showed in the making of this music, and the mini-opera, The Frog Prince. It was an added bonus for us all to meet the composer and the librettist! The positive feedback from all who attended was heard all week. Bravo, PMO!!!"

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