The Providence International Mandolin Festival
July 25 - 30, 2001

A Celebration of Plucked String Orchestras from Around the World


Mandolin orchestras from five countries – Brazil, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain – converged on the campus in July, rehearsing and performing at the Pepsi Forum, conducting workshops in the White Center classrooms, plus living in the downcity residence halls.

The culmination of the five-day event was a concert that featured a combined performance with more than 120 artists from all the orchestras.

"It was without a doubt one of the best concerts I've ever attended," says Tom Farrel, dean emeritus of the School of Arts & Sciences.

Each orchestra's primary focus was on a different type of music. "But when they all played together, it was a true cultural experience", Angela Renaud, dean of the School of Art & Sciences, enthusiastically recalls.

From the Johnson & Wales Magazine, Fall 2001



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Day 1: Wednesday, July 25

Day 2: Thursday, July 26

Day 3: Friday, July 27

Day 4: Saturday, July 28

Day 5: Sunday, July 29

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