The Providence International Plucked String Festival
June 18-20, 2004

A Celebration of Plucked String Music from Around the World


The Providence International Plucked String Festival sponsored by the Providence Mandolin Orchestra

Featuring the exotic voices of plucked strings from around the world.

Since mankind released the first pointed stick from a bough bent by braided grass, we've been enchanted by the voice of the vibrating string. Thousands of years ago, the Persians attached that vibrating string to a resonating gourd and created the world's first lutes. That invention translated into many languages and cultures enchanting us with exotic melodies, harmonies and rhythms.

The Providence Mandolin Orchestra has invited virtuoso performers representing a wide range of cultures to express the diversity and contributions of their plucked string traditions. Each brings the unique excitement of their culture, adding new dimensions to our appreciation of the variety of plucked string instruments around us.

Friday June 18 8:00 Providence Public Library, $10.00

Providence Mandoln Orchestra with Juanito Pascual, Gonsalo Grau and La Conja.


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Juanito Pascual, virtuoso Flamenco guitarist, will perform Friday night at the Providence Public Library. Juanito has been called “one of the greatest American flamenco guitarists.” He is a multifaceted guitarist, composer, and teacher who has performed in styles ranging from jazz and blues, to classical guitar, klezmer, as well as flamenco. Juanito has played for major flamenco dance companies including those of Omayra Amaya, Ramon de los Reyes, Jose Greco II, Carlota Santana, La Repompa de Málaga, Inés Arrubla, and Susana di Palma. Juanito will be accompanied by his unique percussionist Gonsalo Grau and together they'll provide the musical setting for the brilliant Flamenco dancer/vocalist, La Conja. Jennifer Dunning of the New York Times calls La Conja "a mesmerizing singer and a demon dancer." Don't miss this spectacular event.

Saturday June 19 8:00 Egavian Cultural Center at Saints Sahag and Mesrob Armenian Church on 70 Jefferson Street

$15 $10 for seniors/students

Providence Mandoln Orchestra with Tamara Volskaya and Anatoliy Trofimov and Richard Berberian with Mal Barsamian and Jacob Tanoglu.


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Tamara Volskaya, known world-wide as "the Paganini of the domra" for her extraordinary talent, brings her unusual instrument to the Saints Sahag and Mesrob Armenian Church on Saturday night. Tamara with her husband, Anatoliy Trofimov on bayan, a Russian accordion, play a wide range of music from traditional Russian ballads and dances to virtuosic concertos from the violin repertoire. Tamara and Anatoliy have been featured with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, the Bachanalia Chamber Ensemble, the Toronto Mandolin Orchestra and countless orchestras in her native Russia.

Richard Berberian, is best known for his recreation of the traditional dance music of the Armenian village. Much of his repertoire was learned from his grandparents and was passed down through the family. His great-grandfather, Sarkis Balian, is credited with composing the Armenian classic, Mayr Araxi Aperov. Richard is actively engaged performing at concerts, weddings and dances throughout the United States and abroad. He has five recordings to his credit that have all been sell-out hits. Richard will be performing with Mal Barsamian – a classical guitarist with a passion for Armenian, Greek and Middle Eastern music and Jacob Tanoglu – master of the kanoun and an international authority on Assyrian folk and dance music.

Sunday June 20 3:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Waterplace Park

Providence Mandolin Orchestra with Juanito Pascual, Tamara Volskaya and Anatoliy Trofimov, and Richard Berberian


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