MA wedding music ballads jazz vocals standards

MA wedding music

Finding the right music for your MA wedding can be an enjoyable experience. Keep in mind while searching for the songs you want to use that it does not matter how formal or informal your wedding is because it is the music that creates the mood of your ceremony and reception.

Since the ceremony occurs first, let's start there. When choosing music for your ceremony, you will want to find songs that reflect your personality and style. It does not matter what instrument this music is played on as long as it is right for you. Depending on where your ceremony will be held, you will need to check whether there are any restrictions on songs or other issues that could hinder you getting the song you want for your ceremony. For example, if you are holding your ceremony in a church or another type of building for worship, you should check if you can use non-religious music. You should also find out if that building has a restriction on who can play at a ceremony that will take place there. If you are having a ceremony at a hotel or garden, there also may be some restrictions that you should try to find out about as soon as possible. These restrictions can be related to the size of the band you want to have or how loud the music is, etc. You will probably find the least restrictions regarding your musical selections if you hold a ceremony in a private house, although other sorts of restrictions are quite likely to be more prevelant in these sorts of ceremonies.

There will be many points within your ceremony where you can put songs. A few of these areas include the prelude, the march up the aisle, and the recessional. There are also many other places where a song can be added. For example, if you are having your ceremony in a church, music can be added at any point within the ceremony where you might normally hear a song.

There are a lot more options for musical selections for your reception. For example, the range can include string ensembles to popular bands, DJs to ethnic style bands. Keep in mind that, although not required, most people will expect there to be dancing at a reception so the entertainment chosen should be able to provide songs that can be danced to. There is no standard that says your reception should only have one specific style played, merely that there should be an easy flow to the occassion that will affect the mood of the reception.

Working with some of the finest jazz musicians in Southeastern New England, Judith presents a blend of swing,bop, and ballads worthy of national recognition. Jeff Cashen presence as guitarist/producer/arranger creates an intimate and complimentary setting for Judith's vocals. This group is available as a duo, trio, or large ensemble. Judith appears regularly at The Lobster Pot in Bristol, RI.

MA wedding music ballads jazz vocals standards