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Restaurant design is a fast-paced, ever-changing business, where staying abreast of the latest trends in menu and food preparation is critical to the long-term success of a restaurant operation. To provide our customers with insight into these trends and other issues important to foodservice operators, TriMark takes an active role in many industry organizations, associations, trade shows and forums. We meet regularly with leading chefs and restaurant owners/developers to better understand their design and equipment needs, especially in the areas of new restaurant concepts, food preparation and presentation.

The Brain Food Court at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago has just received the 2002 FoodService Equipment and Supplies Magazine Design of the Year Award.

The ground-breaking interactive restaurant turns the traditional view of foodservice happily on its ear. Built to capture guests' imaginations and transport them into a new, fascinating world of design, technology food and fun, the project called for the very best designers, engineers, vendors and equipment in the industry.

TriMark Marlinn, the Chicago division of TriMark USA, was chosen as the equipment installer/dealer, winning the prestigious project over nine competitors. Since its debut, the project has become a showcase for some of the most resourceful and innovative applications of equipment use and functionality in the US.

"The reason we landed this project was not just about price. We have a lot of experience in large-scale projects, and we're a full service dealer -- meaning we are experts in everything from overall design to the napkins on the table. So we understand everyone's role and work with any team to get the job done," said Joe DeVita, Contract Sales Representative. We also have a very talented mill shop, who integrated the customized equipment beautifully which I really think was a factor in completing a job of this size in 4 months."

The $8 million project, with its $1.2 million equipment budget, was a grand project on many levels. The original 21,000 square foot space was entirely gutted and rebuilt to include a 5,300-square-foot servery, 7,700-square foot dining areas, 845-square foot coffee/snack bar, a 5,500 square foot kitchen and a 1,400-square foot employee lounge.

The equipment was very much a part of the dramatic design and itself became a prime visitor attraction. In the servery, for example, customers watch as cooks place chicken and burgers on a custom-built rotating tech broiler, and sleek ranges and grills compliment the modern sign. Much of it was supplied and customized by Vulcan Hart, a TriMark partner and a world-leader and well-recognized name in the manufacture of high-end kitchen equipment.

restaurant design foodservice equipment supplies