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Moving boxes come in many shapes and sizes. At RI Moving Boxes, we believe that you should know about your options. Therefore, listed below are the main types of moving boxes and what they are best used for.

The 1.5 cubic foot moving box (16 x 12.5 x 12.5 inches) is the box that is most commonly used. Although it can safely carry up to 60 lbs, it is best to keep the weight under 50 lbs for your personal safety and that of your movers. This box is often used for books, kitchen items (including dishes, small appliances, and fragile items) and lamps. Due to the heavy nature of some of these items, it is best to fill the box to the top with crumbled newspaper or packing paper.

The 3.0 cubic foot moving box (18 x 18 x 16 inches) is great for packing clothing, pots, pans and electronic items.

The 4.5 cubic foot moving box (18 x 18 x 24 inches) is useful for larger kitchen appliances, lamps and linens.

The 6.0 cubic foot moving box (22 x 22 x 21.5 inches) is best for pillows, toys, large blankets, and cushions.

The 6.1 cubic foot moving box (24 x 18 x 24 inches) is similar to the 6.0 box. It should be used for items that are unable to fit in the 6.0 box due to dimensions.

Hanging wardrobe boxes come in many sizes. They have a metal bar and are shaped like a wardrobe. These boxes are heavy and spacious, so they should be used for clothing that can not be packed flat. Sometimes these boxes are used for items like chandeliers that need to be hanging.

The lay down wardrobe box (32 x 19.875 x 9 inches) is very similar to a dresser drawer. These boxes cannot hold as much weight, so it is best not to pack heavier items in them.

Picture and mirror boxes are not a set size - they can be put together to make the box larger. If you do put these boxes together, make sure to use a strong tape to help with the additional weight. Bubble wrap should be used with all framed items.

Dish packs are great for packing glasses, cups and bottles. Please remember not to make these boxes too heavy to reduce the chance of damaging these items.

Mattress boxes are also available in a variety of sizes. These boxes are not necessary for your move, but they will protect your mattress better than the other available methods of transport.

RI Moving Boxes & Supplies, Warren Rhode Island