The Providence International Mandolin Festival

July 25 - 30, 2001

Participating Orchestras

Ensemble Roggenstein (Germany):
The Ensemble Roggenstein showcases 12 exceptional players in one of the premier mandolin ensembles in Europe and, for that matter, the world. Perennial winners of the top national awards in Germany, this group sets a standard for artistic interpretation and virtuosity that makes audiences marvel. Composer Oliver Kalberer leads the group in a graceful blend of his own arrangements that brings new delight to old masterpieces and weaves exciting new rhythms and textures into his contemporary compositions.
Trio Quintessencia (Brazil)
Relish the sparkling Brazilian rhythms of Trio Quintessencia. Their unique combination of instruments, with Aleh Ferreira on mandolin, Alessandre Penezzi on guitar, and Julio Cerezo Ortiz on cello, delights the listener with the rich melodies and syncopations of chorinho, the quintessential spirit of Brazilian music. Their recent prize-winning performances from the Popular Brazilian Music (MPB) awards and their many individual and collaborative recordings give vivid testimony to the joy and technical brilliance of their playing.
Cuarteto Assai (Spain):
The Cuarteto Assai is one of Spain's most brilliant plucked string ensembles, featuring the Spanish equivalent of the mandolin, the bandurria, and the laude, a Spanish lute. In performances from Italy to Israel, the quartet has delighted audiences with its interpretations of the rich musical heritage of Spain, bringing fresh elegance to masterpieces of the Renaissance and grace to modern compositions, including works by deFalla and Silvestri (the Forrest Gump Suite).
Vicentuna (Lisbon, Portugal)
(Faculty of Sciences at University of Lisbon):
VicenTuna celebrates one of the oldest mandolin traditions, the Estudiantina. These student groups have been playing in Spain and Portugal for over 400 years. "Tunas," as they are called, feature songs and choreography, evoking the spirit of romantic Iberian nights and wandering minstrels. VicenTuna is one of the largest groups in Europe and is famous for the joy and spirit of their performances.
Skopje Mandolin Orchestra of the Youth Cultural Center (Macedonia)
The Mandolin Orchestra in Skopje, Macedonia, is one of the top touring mandolin orchestras in Europe. With prize-winning performances in Poland, Denmark, and Portugal, the Skopje Orchestra has been acclaimed both for their technical brilliance and for the grace and energy of their musical interpretation. These young musicians, aged 14 to 22, perform brilliantly in a wide range of musical styles from Vivaldi to Mozart to Khachaturian.
note: Due to political issues at home, the Skopje Orchestra will be unable to attend the festival.
Citta di Brescia (Italy)
The Citta di Brescia Mandolin Orchestra features two of the top figures in the Italian mandolin world, Ugo Orlandi, soloist and artistic director, and Claudio Mandonico, composer and conductor. While this virtuosic ensemble highlights 400 years of development of the mandolin in Italy, it is probably best known for establishing new directions and innovations in contemporary mandolin repertoire.

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