Songs Without Words

Dedicated to Hibbard A. Perry, who devoted his life to the mandolin, the guitar, and his students.

Georges Bizet, arr. H.F. Odell

Evening Sky
Robert Martel

Three American Folksongs -- Wagoner's Lad, Darlin' Corey, Hush-a-bye
Michael Nix

Rondo Bachanal
Owen Hartford

Flatbush Waltz
Andy Statman, Oceana Music (ASCAP)

Clair de Lune
Claude Debussy, arr. Walter Kaye Bauer

Lieder Ohne Worte -- Allegro Moderato, Andante Sostenuto, Allegretto, Allegro Moderato
Konrad Wolki

Pedra Terra
Nilton Rangal/Joao Lyra

Terra Nova
Henrique Annes

Sky-Colored lake
Robert Martel

Family Squabble
Owen Hartford

Musical Director:
Mark Davis

Joshua Bell
Lynne Bell
Lenny Beaudreau
Joan Benevides
Antonia Carlyon
Yvette Cote
Janice DeFrances
Owen Hartford
Ken Keck
Janette Marks
Dottie Palsgrove
Denise Tetreault

Mack Johnston
Marilynn Mair
Robert Sullivan

Dee Davis
Judy Kenower
Paul White

Stephen Goulet

John Baldaia
Robert Martel
Carol Pelypec
Beverly Roy
Joe Smith
Natalie Wright

Copyright 1995
Recorded at Lakewest Studio/
John Paul Gauthier
Digital Editing & Mastering:
John Mailloux
Produced by:
Joshua Bell, Dee Davis, Mark Davis


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