Sample Repertoire

The Frog Prince
music by Owen Hartford, libretto by Betsey Hartford
For mandolin orchestra, soprano, tenor, bass, and child narrator. This 25-minute 'mini-opera' recounts the familiar Grimms Brother fairy tale in its original setting. The delightful music and characterizations make this a great family event to be appreciated by audiences of all ages.

Walnut Valley Suite
Bruce Graybill
This three-movement work develops strongly from the somber opening passages through to the thrilling conclusion of the last movement, 'Ritual Dance,' is included on the PMO's latest CD, 'RESONANCE.'

Wrung From The Silence
Robert Martel
A new, five-movement suite by the author of 'Sky Colored Lake' and 'Evening Sky.' The delicacy and gorgeous tone colors of 'Duets' and 'Valse Trise' contrast with the highly charged rhythmic intensity of the Prelude, 'Danse Macabre,' and Coda.

Chagall's Mandolin
Hankus Netsky
A five-movement mandolin concerto based on the Klezmer music style. The emotional impact of this piece is never lost on audiences. Movements: "Eastern Wind,' 'Song of Longing,' 'Song of Passion,' 'Silenced voices,' and 'Sirba.'

Three American Folk Songs: Wagoner's Lad, Darlin' Corey, Hush-a-bye
Michael Nix
Contemporary settings for mandolin orchestra of three traditional American folk ballads.

Sonatina in C for Mandolin
Ludwig von Beethoven
One of four pieces Beethoven wrote for the mandolin, transcribed for orchestra by Freddy Gueneti of the Orchestra a Plectre de Paris.

Sunset on the Pawtuxet
Giuseppe Pettine
Providence native Giuseppe Pettine, was one of the major mandolin soloists and teachers of the early twentieth century.

Stephen Funk Pearson
A major contemporary composition blending eastern and western musical motifs with the accessibility of the themes from Bonanza and Wyatt Earp.

Concerto in G for Mandolin
Johann Hasse
A delightful 18th century concerto for mandolin and orchestra.

Pedra Terra/Terra Nova
Two Brazilian pieces in the chorinho style from an exciting orchestra in Northern Brazil.

Selections from Carmen
George Bizet
A popular 1920s arrangement of selections from the Bizet opera by H.F. Odell.

Dieter Kriedler
A contemporary German version of a Cuban dance rhythm.

Claire de Lune
Claude Debussy
Walter Kaye Bauer, who passed away recently at the age of 95, arranged this well-known piano composition on a bet with Zahr Myron Bickford in the 1920s.