Thailand – The Canal District of Bangkok



These monks added dramatic flair to a brilliant setting. Monks are typically young men or teenagers who take an excursion into a unique part of the traditional Thai Buddhist experience. Most return to their secular life after a few weeks or months. A few, like the former airline pilot we met, make a lifelong commitment to the contemplative life. Unlike monks in the West, they are an integral part of the community.

Playing in the street.

By and large the canal district is the slum district of Bangkok. Jumbled cheek by jowl with these borderline habitations are the elegant, well maintained of Thailand's elite.

A splash before sunset. Most well-bred Thail don't swim.

The outboard motor on our long-tail boat. This one is almost brand new, they just don't come with a housing.
Most of the people in Thailand seem to have all their limbs. (I don't think they have many lawyers.)

Long-tail boats ferrying a family and its cargo through the canal.
The friendly lad smiling at us was typical of Thai in the canal district.

If you lived here, you'd be home.

Life in the canal district. Note the water (sewer?) pipe. Western intrusions into an Eastern idyll.

Friendly folk along the canal.

Not keeping up with the Joneses.

I could do this.


Thailand – Ayuttaya

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