Thailand – Ayuttaya


Ayutayah (Ayuttiyah = Ayudya = Iudeia – a rose by any other name). Ancient capital of Thailand until about 1750 when it was sacked by the Burmese. These were all decorated in the same style as the Royal Temple in Bangkok before the destruction of the city.

This is just outside the temple in the prior shot. Click on the musician to watch a video of his music.

The main temple complex at Ayuttaya.

Chedi in Ayuttaya holding the remains of various Thai kings.

Call the arch tech.

Entrance to a chedi. Easy to walk up, hard to walk down.

The Buddha in this temply was part of the original Ayuttaya complex, originally restored in the 1920s. Now housed in this new structure.

The big Buddha. Much bigger than it looks here.
(It's about 30 feet from the heads in the front to the base of the Buddha.)

Thailand – The Floating Market

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