Thailand – The Floating Market South of Bangkok


Before roads were common, goods traveled along canals. There are still a few of these floating markets around Thailand, mainly now for the tourist trade.

Native fruits for sale from the canoes that were the main transportation the canals here. Each region of Thailand had its unique style of watercraft. The long-tail boats in this area were much smaller and more vividly colored than boats in other parts of Thailand.

Barbecued chicken prepared on the boat. The large wok in the other boat is probably filled with noodle soup.

Rush hour.

Most of these boats were paddled by women, although we saw a few men guiding canoes and several women driving power boats.

Two fruit peddlars, notice the shops that line the sides of the canal.

Selling young coconut milk.

Just biding my time, that's what kind of guy I'm.

Two dessert peddlars. The coconut patties we bought from the lady in the foreground we excellent. The colored gelsin the other boat were another popular Thai dessert.

Whole foods has nothing on the Thai. The red spikey fruits were delicious. They have dozens of kinds of mangos that ripen at different times of the year.

Us -- except for Rachel -- who had the best excuse for getting out of the pictures.
(Gyu and Chuen, our host, are on the right.)

Busy stretch of the canal.

My river, my life.

Helping Grampa.

To Sukkothai - Thai Capital from the early 1200s to the 1300s

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