Thailand – Sukkothai


Another ancient capital of Thailand. 1200-1400 AD. Sukkothai is a great area for bicycling.

The Buddhas are well preserved after 600 years of neglect.

Nearly feminine Buddhas in a standing mudra were a la mode in ancient Thailand.

Nearly suicidal, we attempt to ride bicycles on a Thai thoroughfare.

Chuen chooses a road less travelled. In a car, she was the crocodile of the road.

My favorite Buddha in Thailand. Powerful and passive in his confinement.

Note the gold thumbnail, folk rub gold leaf on the bits of the Buddha, symbolizing the beginning of the restoration of the image.

Ryan should be so lucky.

Chuen exploring the space behind the Buddha.

I got past the elbow, got stopped by the fragance.

Chuen held her nose through the guano infested corridor behind the Buddha.

The birdwoman of Sukkothai.

This has to be the loveliest airport in the world.

Thailand – Next stop Chaing Mai

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