Chaing Mai – Ancient Capital of the North

We stayed for 3 nights in Chaing Mai, an ancient walled provincial capital in the Northern part of Thailand. They had their own king until 1929, a vassal to the King of Thailand. Lampang is a small town south of Chaing Mai. While Chaing Mai is much westernized, the smaller towns around it preserve more of the character of the original Thai heritage.

One of the oldest and loveliest temples in Thailand, south of Chaing Mai.
Over 900 years old, but largely rebuilt in the 1600s.

Inside the temple walls.

This camera oscura image of the chedi in the temple was in a tiny building off limits to women. There was another camera oscura image in the complex that women could visit.It was the only place in Thailand (except bathrooms) where women couldn't go. I'm not sure I get it.

The chedi from the image. This chedi is in a Burmese style.

Worshippers in back of the temple.

These are the images they're worshipping. The lotus flowers are offerings to the Buddha.

An ancient Buddha.

These musicians were busking at another temple nearby.
Click on the image to listen to their music.

In this video, the fiddler is using a coconut fiddle identical to Sam's.
Click on the image to listen to their music.

Thailand 6 – The Waterfall

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